9 Study Apps That Will Practically Earn the Grade for You

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9 Study Apps That Will Practically Earn the Grade for You

Happy Monday! It feels so good to be sitting down and writing another blog post. This past month has been extremely hectic. I’ve been moving into my college dorm and have been starting my first few weeks of classes. I’ve had to take time away from blogging and being on social media to focus on adjusting to college life. But now that I’m back, I feel better than ever! I have a billion (well not really that many) new blog post ideas and things I want to talk about with you guys.

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One thing I’ve learned so far in my college experience is that studying for high school and studying for college are two completely different things. The tests you take in college weigh significantly more than high school exams. In short, your college exams can make or break your grade. Over the next few semesters, you are going to have to learn what study methods work best for you. Using apps simplifies your study experience and ensures you don’t make fatal mistakes (ex: forgetting an essay that was due).

Here are some study apps I enjoy using to help me keep on track with assignments and exams:

Quizlet Go: I love Quizlet.com. So when I heard that they came out with a mobile app, I just about jumped out of my chair with joy. Quizlet allows you to create flashcards online. With these flashcards, you can play games, do mock-quizzes, and use their “learning” sequence to make sure you have your flashcards memorized. The best part: you have access to thousands of other flashcard¬†sets others around the world have already created. Chances are, someone has made a Quizlet on those Biology terms from your textbook. The app is free (though you can apply for Premium usage with a paid fee). I’ve been using the free version of Quizlet for years and have had no problems.

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Google Docs: Google Docs is the easiest way to save your mobile documents without having to back them up on a singular device. Think of it as an online cloud. Now, you don’t have to worry about not being to access your documents. With Google Docs, just log into your account and all of your papers will be right there for you to edit, save, and print. Google Docs is such a convenient way for me to share my notes and back up my papers. Bonus: you can invite people to work on a single document with you. Have a friend in the same class as you? This is a simple way to work on a paper at the same time.

Flashcards +: This app is another alternative to Quizlet. You have the option to add pictures and more information to your flashcards through this app. Additionally, this app works better for those learning a foreign language, since it has a detection application.

SelfControl: Ever sit down to study and find yourself browsing through social media for 3+ hours? (Don’t lie; we’ve all done it). SelfControl focuses on helping you avoid this exact problem by allowing you to block certain applications for a period of time. No distractions = no excuses.

*Disclaimer: ALWAYS check an application before downloading it. Sometimes the software could be acting up and destroy your files (along with other with other applications) permanently. While I have had no issues with all of the applications mentioned, I still urge you to do further research before downloading.

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Coffitivity: This application plays coffee-house music. Coffitivity is perfect for background noise while studying or relaxing. I love using this app, especially while editing.

Easy Study: Besides Quizlet, this is my favorite app on this list. Easy Study allows you to make a study time schedule with ease. Just add in the assignment and the time, and Easy Study while plan the rest for you. You can use their charts to review your study history as well. Easy Study alerts you so that you don’t forget about an assignment or an upcoming test. No more panicking about that forgotten assignment, Easy Study has your back.

Remember the Milk: Remember the Milk is a reminder app and a to-do list app all in one. It’s super convenient, whether I need to list blog posts, tests, or my grocery list.

GoConqr: I use this app whenever I need to make mind maps or flow charts. I am able to draw out my ideas with simplicity through GoConqr. This app has flashcards and quiz applications as well, however, I find that the other apps I have mentioned for these tasks do a better job when it comes to that.

EasyBib: This last one is a life saver. EasyBib will help you create a work cited page in a matter of minutes. This program has one of the best databases out there when it comes to citing your work. Although I generally have to go back and find of some specifics for citing, the time EasyBib saves by formatting it all correctly is worth the download.

I hope you enjoyed my app recommendations. If you know any more awesome applications or tips for studying, let me know in the comments. I’m always hanging around down there (don’t be shy, say hi).

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