Slime + Putty for Anxiety and Stress-Relief

Slime and Putty for Anxiety and Stress-Relief

Hello Wanderlost Souls! I have a very different blog post for you guys today. I’m here to talk about a “fidgit” activity I’ve been doing for quite awhile: playing with slime. Personally, I didn’t pick up this habit until a year ago. I was babysitting some girls and they were playing with this weird substance. I saw how they toyed with it. The object was not only acted as a distraction, but also a calming method. I decided one night to try it out this weird object for myself. Since then, I haven’t stopped playing with it.

How do I use slime? I play with slime while listening to long lectures, reading chapters and essays, etc. Anytime I have to sit at a device for a long time, I use it. So what’s the secret behind slime? I believe it has to do with a couple of factors. Firstly, the scents. Some of them remind me of my childhood, like bubblegum and banana candies. Others have amazing essential oil scents to them, such as eucalyptus and mint.

peace putty etsy slime

Another factor includes the textures. Different in-beds create different sensations. For example, a thicker slime or putty can be tougher to the touch, which is good for stress relief. Softer slimes, such as a cloud texture, can be better for “mindless play”. Lastly, the motion of playing with slime is a relaxer. The opening and closing of palms aids releasing tension. Additionally, playing with slime can led to further brain stimulation and the release of endorphins.

I won’t bore you by going into the logistics of how endorphins work, but just know it’s a good thing. I’ll link an article here if you are interested in how endorphins lessen stress.

Mini Lesson Recap:

– Slime is good for stress-relief because the scents and textures promote increased brain activity.

– The action of playing with slime helps release endorphins into your body.

The Best Slimes to Purchase

*Most of these slimes/putties were sent to me free of cost for review. However, my reviews are 100% my honest opinion.

peace putty slime etsy

Peace Putty

Peace Putty is a shop on Etsy that focuses on making physical therapy and aromatherapy-regulated putties. All of the products are packed full of delicious essential oils and herbs in order to create a fully relaxed experience.

Products I Tried and Recommend:

Breathe Free Putty – This putty contains Eucalyptus, Mint, Rosemary, and Lemon essential oils, perfect for stress-relief. These essential oils a well-known for inducing a relaxing state. I also feel that this putty’s scent helps open up the sinuses.

Morning Sunshine Putty – The blend of Lemon, Basil, Vitamin C and Vitamin E creates an invigorating aroma whenever you play with it.

peace putty i'm golden slime

I’m Golden Putty – This putty lets off an Ylang Ylang, Chamomile and White Tea essential oil feeling. Like the Breathe Free Putty, this one is especially great for relaxing.

I Am Island Putty – This putty has a very unique texture. It contains pink sand, mango and coconut oils, coco butter, vitamin C and aloe. While playing with it, the putty also exfoliates your hands.

Peace Putty is also in the works of coming out with some really good products, such as essential oil balms. I am beyond ecstatic that I get to continue using these amazing products from Peace Putty. If you decide to check this awesome Etsy Shop out for yourself, be sure to let them know you came from here.

Lindsey’s Slime Shop

This Etsy shop is owned an amazing mother and her two daughters. They make great, quality slime for a cheap price. All of their slimes have uniques touches to them, such as beads or charms. I find that having these add ins increases the experience of slime.

lindsey slime shop etsy red velvet cake

Products I Tried and Recommend:

Red Velvet Cake Slime – This one was by far my favorite from the shop. It smells exactly like vanilla cake batter. The smile a butter slime-like texture, but it doesn’t feel like clay at the same time. I highly recommend this one if you can only get one slime from her shop.

Candyland Suprise Slime – This slime has a ton of cool charms. If you like really textures, you will love this slime.

Wacky Water – This clear slime option in her shop offers a variety of in-beds for your choosing. If you are shopping around to see what textures you like best, this slime is your best option.

Meeska Mooska – I love this slime for its cherry-lollypop scent. It brings me back to my childhood when I would eat them like crazy!

lindsey's slime shop banana split slime

Mickey’s Cloud Kingdom – This one has the same scent as Red Velvet Cake. The fake snow in this slime gives it a super soft texture. If you haven’t tried cloud slime yet, you are missing out.

Overall, I think that this Etsy shop offers the best variety in textures for beginners to try out. Thank to this slime shop for gifting me with these products; the kids I babysit and I love them!

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