April 2018: Best Photographs

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Best Photographs of April 2018

Hello my Wanderlost Souls and their amazing photographs! I apologize for any “in-activeness” lately. Unless you personally know me, you may have not guessed what has been happening these past few months. I am graduating high school in a couple of weeks! This is super exciting but very stressful. I haven’t been able to get around to and edit as many blog posts as I have wanted to, but I will be making it up to you guys this week with two blog posts! *yay*!

Apology aside, let’s get into this post. “Best Photographs” is going to become a monthly tradition on this blog. I’ve been scouting some awesome shots on Instagram for the past month and have been saving them in my “Saved” bar. In these kinds of posts I will be showing off creator’s works and tagging their accounts so you can check out their accounts more in-depth if you wish. It’s my way of handing out “gold stars” to some boss creators on Instagram.

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@ashleymdphoto ashley marie photography instagram death valley night sky



My favorite photograph of the month (and new-account obsession) comes from @ashleymdphoto’s night sky capture at Joshua Tree National Park. The colors are absolutely stunning in this shot. Ashley Marie is a landscape photographer based in Newport, California. Her account is filled with ocean vibes and hiking shots.




jordan lake captureurlikeness




This shot by @captureurlikeness stole my heart from the moment I saw it. Justin R. Ness is a photographer from Wake Forest. He is also a part of @rustlord_unity on Instagram.








I absolutely love the color scheme in this photo by @julianmcpics. This photo makes me wish summer was already here (one more month!). Julian McHale is a photographer located in San Diego. Check out his website for color presets! You can even DM him for prints of her photographs.









Check out this mind-blowing waterfall shot by @mcgeephotografy! The water is so clear and stunning. You can check out prints from Sean Michael Photography on his website.







I’m obsessed with this shot by @feinerkerl. Based in Austria, this account is full of awesome mountain ranges and unique angles. You can check out his prints on his website.








Check out this shot by @hermannforster! I love the colors in this photo. Hermann Forester is a photographer from Germany.






I love this shot taken by @thenamesmango at the National Portrait Gallery in the Smithsonian Institute. Josh Horan is a travel photographer. You can tag him in your pictures by using his hashtag #mangosphotos.






I wish I could make this next photo my wallpaper for my phone (but my cat has to remain at the forefront. I love the way the colors flow together in @fischko20’s photograph. Daniel Fischer is a photographer based in Austria. You can check out his prints on his website.







Last, but not least, I have this shot by @californiathroughmylens. I love the sunset in the center of this shot. California Through My Lens is a California travel site. Tag them in your photos by using the hashtag #californiathroughmylens.





I hope you check out these amazing photographers. If you know any more awesome photography accounts or want to mention your own, let me know in the comments.

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