The Best Way to Study/Work While on Vacation


The Best Way to Study/ Work While on Vacation

Being a student means mastering the art of “study”. Completing school work while on trips is something I have had to master during my life. No matter where I would go, I always put my education first (as should everyone). Along the way, I have compiled a list of tips that have made my studying more effective. Continue reading if you want to find out how I complete essays, workbooks, and even speeches while traveling from place to place:

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1. The Undeniable Truth

Before you can even begin studying on a trip, you have to be honest with yourself: writing a paper while you could be playing on the beach sucks! But sometimes, it’s what it takes. It’s not the most fun, but it’s better than waiting last-minute. I always work fast to get my study done early on during the trip so that I don’t have the constant stress weighing on me.

2. Master reading in the car and on a plane.

As someone who deals with the occasional motion sickness, this can be tough. Finding out how you can best read during transportation is key, though. I always split reading into chapters or pages (whatever works best for the book). When reading while in motion, it is important to give yourself study breaks so that you don’t feel sick when looking downwards for a long period of time. Use your study breaks to restate the stuff you just read in your mind. If you have an assignment that goes along with the reading, take the notes after your “reading block”, or chapter break up, is done. That way you will only be writing down the information that you feel is necessary, therefore, saving time.

3. Space out your work into small sections.

As stated in number 2, working in small sections will lessen the load. This is especially helpful when working on the road. Sometimes, you only have a thirty minute break before your next stop. By taking these larger assignments and dividing them into small tasks, you will utilize the time you have efficiently. It also helps with keeping track of your work during the vacation.

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4. Copy, save, copy, save

Alway save your assignments, revisions and all, to a cloud network (Apple has one for pages, google docs) or email (email all revisions). You need to make sure you can access your work from multiple devices. You never know what could happen, maybe you lose your phone! (Worst case only: I would never wish that upon my biggest enemy). You don’t want to risk losing all of the hard work you put into your education. This goes for saving as well. Save your work always! No excuses.

5. Proofread your work!

No matter what assignment or class, you always want to put your best foot forward. That is why I use Grammarly. I’ve been using it for years and it has been my life saver. Regular spell-check doesn’t even do half of the things this wonderful program does; it analyzes my sentences, checks for spelling and grammar, and even has programs for plagiarism. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself. You will save a ton of time using this program.

6. Plans Change

Know that plans change. Always bring some material wherever you go. You can check on emails while waiting for a table or finish that assigned chapter during lines at an amusement park. By always having your work with you, you are guaranteed to complete your work much faster than sticking to a schedule. Work while you can so you don’t have to work when you don’t.

7. Get your travel partners involved by testing you.

This is helpful if you have a test or presentation when you get back. Always have a copy of your paper, speech, or presentation with you on your phone or hard copy. You never know when you have time to review (number 4). Most people would be happy to help.

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8. Have faith

You usually can get work done a lot faster than you believe you can. That 3-day vacation is plenty of time to space out an essay. Don’t stress out! Know that you can 100% enjoy a vacation while still having an assignment to do. Make sure you assess the assignment before you leave on your trips, that way you know exactly what to expect when it comes to the amount of work. You got this!

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